Glass Turtle Tortoise for Feng Shui and vastu Sastra- Wealth Sign Statue Showpiece (Transparent) - Small

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  • Material: glass, color: clear, shape: oval
  • Dimensions 8.7 x 6.1 x 4 cm
  • For luck in ur life , size is normal so you can keep anywhere like study table or in office desk also  

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Tortoise has great in vastu as well as in feng shui. Tortoise long life. Crystal tortoise helps in removing negative energy around us. So, when we keep this crystal tortoise in our home or office, the place is purified by the power this tortoise, which neutralizes all negative energies follow below instruction about direction of tortoise in our home/office 1. Place the object in the north sector of your home (or your personal Sheng Chi direction) at living room or dining room and business premise to activate the career corner for a long and successful work life with never ending support from your boss and a peaceful environment with your counterparts. Also place the symbol at your work desk or behind your back at your work place to enjoy continuous opportunities annually. This is also an effective way to multiply your authority in your management position for managers. 2. Place the tortoise in the east sector of your house to ensure your family being blessed with health and longevity. You may also place it facing the main door to ensure long and happy life. When placed facing the door, it could also blessed you with safe journeys and prevent accidents and injuries. Every work trips you make will be assured with long term gains.

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