Folding Electric Beard Straightener Comb,Professional Straightening Comb,Portable Heated Straightening Brush with Anti Scale Feature,Heated Hair Straightener For Men & Women

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Ever notice how Combing your Beard with a traditional Beard Comb alone doesn’t get it Straight. Our Heated Beard Straightener will! Heat Straightens Hair because all hair strands contain a protein called keratin. The hydrogen bonds within the chemical makeup of the keratin break when Heated. This in turn makes the Hair more pliable and easier to manipulate. Science huh? Who knew it actually had any practical uses? When you use our Heated Beard Straightener your beard will be Frizz-free, Styled and incredibly Clean looking. ♀ Our Straightener is not made for women’s hair and sold to Men. It's made for Men's Beards from the ground up. Many other Heated Combs have deep teeth and don’t work on shorter beards because they are made for women's hair and not Men's Beards. We use short teeth so it works on Long and Short Beards alike! Our Beard Straightener uses Ceramic Plates with a Heating Element underneath that is set at 330 Degrees,the perfect temperature for men’s beards. So it will not Burn your Beard Hair. With a folding handle, you can use it both open and closed, depending on how you prefer brushing your beard. Plus, it is Lightweight and Compact so you never have to leave home without it. ♀ Why choose our Heated Beard Straightener? Designed for Men’s Beards, not women’s hair Temperature set for Beard Hair so it won’t damage your Beard Folding Handle provides versatility of use Lightweight and comfortable Try Risk-Free Today with our 1 Year Warranty! Order your Heated Beard Straightener now and get Man Shaped!

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